About this newsletter

I'm an Irishman in London who's handy with a camera. Photography has sustained me, personally and professionally since the early 90s. 

I'm forever in pursuit of an exceptional still image but I also work on long form projects with the intention of producing beautiful, handmade photobooks. 

I'm in the process of developing a hybrid form of photobook publishing blending DIY and traditional processes to produce layflat books of the highest quality.

Prior to the Covid-19 outbreak I had workshops arranged to teach my bookmaking techniques. With social distancing likely to be a reality for some time to come, I figured I could share my ideas and bookmaking process online.

I made my first book while studying at the International Center of Photography School in New York in 1999. I self-published my first book in 2006 and that process melded together my photography career and my design training from art school in the late 80s. 

As I work my way through a project, I will bring my audience along with me, explaining my reasons for making certain photographs and showing my editing and sequencing process. 

Like with so many photographers and other independent artists across the spectrum, work has slowed to a trickle, if not stopped completely. I find that I cannot simply continue to put my work on social media essentially for free and hope to pick up some print and book sales as I go along. This is simply not feasible for anyone anymore. Therefore I hope to gather an audience who may be keen to adapt my bookmaking techniques to their own projects or who may simply like what I am doing and therefore treat me to a nice cuppa from time to time to help me along.

Thank you for your time and support.