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I am a street photography old-timer, self-publisher, Irishman and Londoner. 

This newsletter / blog thing pertains to my photographic and bookmaking practice and the evolution of my Passerby project most particularly. I’ll be showing pictures, demonstrating my techniques and more besides. 

Passerby is now one year old and I have made 7 thus far. Each issue shows work made since the last one. 

The idea for Passerby emerged from a need to gather new material for my agency, Millennium Images here in London. They represent my archive for editorial and commercial licensing, mostly to the publishing industry. 

With this project I have been able to settle into a solid work flow producing intriguing photographs while going about my daily business of running errands, walking the dog, commuting between assignments and the like. 

For those interested in adding to their collections and libraries, these little handmade books, along with selected prints from each issue, are available at my BigCartel shop.  

The books are limited in number as they are labour intensive to produce.

Anyone who wants an A4 print for their personal space or collection can have one as they are non editioned.

However, if anyone wants a larger print then make me an offer and I'll see what I can do. Most of my Instagram images are titled for easy reference.

If you enjoy my utterances, please considering sharing. 

Thank you. 

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Musings on my photographic practice, self publishing and the wider world of photography and bookmaking.


Paul Treacy
Street photography old-timer, self-publisher, Irishman and Londoner. I'm here on Substack to better connect with people interested in my photography and handmade photobooks.