Alleyway Balloons selected


I’m delighted to report that my photograph, Alleyway Balloons has been selected for today’s

“Congratulations. We are pleased to announce our curators have chosen your image for inclusion into We select a very small percentage of photographs submitted.

We’re proud to offer this opportunity to showcase your work among our subscribers in 74 countries!

You’re in good company -- in the recent past images from Henri Cartier-Bresson, Andreas Gursky, Richard Misrach, Andre Kertesz, Edward Burtynsky and other photography legends have appeared in YDP.”

YDP is run by famed gallerist and curator, Daniel Miller and is sent out to over 3000 collectors across the world.

I’d also like to mention that Solivagant is now available to order.

Solivagant is a collaboration between a street photographer and writer. 

With images from New York, London, Brighton, Warwick, Ferrara, Venice and Galway the characters in Solivagant have been following me around the world for years. 13 stories and photographs to amuse and intrigue.

It’s just £10 (+ shipping if you live outside the UK)

"Great concept. A beguiling and poignant narrative to match photos that draw the viewer in and make them want to know more" - David Collyer, Photographer.

Now I have to dash as I have to make dinner. Back soon. Thanks for your time