The Turdis

1st paste up photo exhibition

I present to you - The Turdis.

When I mentioned about this on twitter, I was asked how would I fit everything “in” this facility. I made clear the exhibition was to be on the outside of the thing. Then someone said words to the effect of - sure it would fit, it’s a “Turdis”.

Someone had to say it. Twas only a matter of time.

Anyway, this public convenience had not been operable as a loo for years, if ever. The council ran out of money to maintain it so it just stood there getting in the way.

The local arts festival and I conspired to make it into an art object and so first up is an exhibition of my work from Hinterland, a project made entirely in south east London.

Here it is in it’s unloved state

And here it is with my pasted poster prints all over it.

The Sydenham Arts Festival, Visual Arts Trail begins this weekend, 11th September 2021 and runs for two weekends.

I will also be onsite at Sydenham High on Westwood Hill over both weekends with prints and books for sale. I’ll be making books while there too so that those interested in my process can learn about it and maybe try some of the techniques themselves.


I have taken my Format full service pro website offline for a while. I wasn’t availing of all its facilities as the pandemic and lockdowns have caused havoc in the business. It was not cost effective for me and as I have html knowledge I thought I’d have some fun and code my own instead.

With PayPal I can code in some e-commerce functionality for my books, prints and eventually workshops. And I can use wetransfer or similar to deliver materials to clients, so it’s no big deal. Besides, the pro portfolio sites have a uniformity that was becoming boring.

I’m aiming to make a fast loading, simple and very personal website showing just the work I make for myself. Should anyone need to see examples for assignment work I can easily set that up. Just shoot me an email. There are some examples of published work on there too. That should be enough.

Books and Prints

I have also introduced multiple pricing for my books so that people who can afford to might consider paying a little more as a gesture of support as the effort and time involved in making books can rarely be reflected in the price. It’s a strange thing as people often consider paying substantially more for a print while handmade books are made of multiple prints.

Mailing List

It’s perhaps a little presumptuous of me to add people who have purchased from me, or engaged my services, to my mailing list. Please don’t hesitate to unsubscribe from this newsletter thing. Please also don’t hesitate to contact me about my work if there’s something of interest. And feel free to share these posts with whomever you think might be interested.


I’m scaling up my activities to include youtube so that I can better engage with the street photography and handmade bookmaking communities there and share my book making knowledge. Once the arts festival is over later this month I will get started on that.

Might I Ask a Favour?

If you bought one of my books, would you consider sending me a few words about it? Your likes, dislikes, suggestions and such. Feedback like that is invaluable.

Thank you for your time and continued interest.

Please consider supporting my work. Thank you.


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