Model Boats

And the people that play with them

It is important that photographers set aside some time, from time to time, to rummage in their archives. Mine is on Google Drive as well as various hard disks on my desk. My most import images are also held at Millennium Images.

This morning I happened upon a rather lovely set of pictures that I overlooked. These were made between assignments a few years ago in south London. I must have made them very quickly as I and my colleagues at the time were closely monitored, not policed as such but our movements were tracked on huge screens back at HQ so that the senior bods could show off to clients.

I wonder if I should return to this spot and spend some time with these model boating enthusiasts. Hmmm.

I was struck by how the deep green water contrasted so effectively the lovely colours of the ships’ sails. I also like how the jacket and sail match here.

I remember thinking about the lovely friendship these people appeared to have and the importance of such hobbies to older people for so many reasons. There might be a project idea forming here. We’ll see.

And finally the centre of operations…

There was a quality to the light that reminded me of Turner’s paintings.

I will be sending out Solivagant in the coming days. Thank you to those that ordered a copy.

After Solivagant I will be working on a series of little books made with 4x6 prints and a how to video demonstrating my techniques. Then I will challenge my follow photographers, particularly street photographers, to make their own versions. The hope is that we will swop amongst ourselves and perhaps sell a few.

These little 4x6 print books are perfect for short photo sequences rather than complete projects and will be inexpensive to make. Hopefully they’ll be considered properly collectible. We’ll see.

Back soon.


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